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Courrier reçu de Palestine le 14/07, de Murad...

dimanche 14 juillet 2019

Courrier reçu de Palestine le 14/07, de Murad Shtaiwi

Hello friend

Abd Arrahman Yaser Shtaiwi, agé de 10 ans, a été touché d’une balle explosive dans la tete par un sniper. Il est entre la vie et la mort, dans une situation critique

Original en anglais :

Abd Arrahman Yaser Shtaiwi 10 years was shot in head with live explosive bullet shot from sniper made him between life and death in critical case.

It is very difficult to explain with words what happened last Friday we don’t change our way to demonstrate the same since 8 years, till now I can’t believe what changed in Israeli occupation army.

More than 50 soldiers open their guns automatically towards the protesters and houses but one sniper targeted the child who was standing in front of one house watching.

The demonstration began at 1:15 pm after 30 m clashes begins stones and metal bullets, suddenly everything changed live ammunition everywhere soldiers chasing us under fire so we asked all protesters to run away and hide despite this soldiers don’t stop shooting, about 2 pm we heard sounds one killed one killed who… ? He was ABD ARRAHMAN was sot to be killed in front of head with explosive bullet.

He was taken to hospital in Nablus soon for surgery and after 3 hours the doctors succeeded to stop the bleeding but more than 70 fragments in his brain.


To whome it may cocern

Despite he’s unconscious we heard Abd Arrahman Shtaiwi 10 years who was shot in head with live explosive bullet damaged his prain calling you everywhere to protect the childhood

He said to you :

I was sitting infront of house watching the soldiers i dont know what happened

Now am fighting for life may be i failed but take care of my friends